There is always room to do better when it comes to sustainability, which is why we are transparent about our suppliers, manufacturers and processes; we are open to questions about our supply chain and our methods, and we value suggestions on how to improve.

Currently we source our organic cotton garments from a Fair Wear Foundation, GOTS & PETA approved supplier based in Bangladesh. They are a leader in their field in terms of both their sustainability credentials, and employee support and wellbeing.

The Fair Wear Foundation is an independent body that aims to secure high standards of working conditions within factories, ensures codes of conduct are met, and conducts daily visits and monthly reports. They also promote and encourage initiatives like gender discrimination training for both supervisors and workers, and educate on more complex issues like the right to unionise - a fundamental workers’ right that is often threatened in Bangladesh by government crackdowns, even though this is illegal.

We believe in supporting the garment industry in Bangladesh sustainably -  by using only organic cotton we not only protect workers and the Planet from the harmful chemicals used in regular cotton farming, but we also reduce water usage (by 91%), and create 70% less acidification of land and water, thereby protecting healthy ecosystems. Organic certification also means the cotton has only been cultivated by natural methods, such as crop rotation, which benefits the soil and brings biodiversity, as well as contributing to a thriving community for farmers and their families. 

Garment workers are overwhelmingly women (roughly 80%) - so enabling them to work safely and sustainably gives them a skilled job and a means of income to look after their children. Many of these women are single mothers and so are the sole breadwinners. Enabling the people in these communities to enter employment, and to do this safely and sustainably, we believe is a positive thing. This is why we chose to support Child Hope Bangladesh with our donations; this charity does incredible work not only lobbying for garment workers rights and speaking out in support of these communities, but also supports children of garment workers through school and provides after school care. 

In terms of our printing methods, we only use water-based, chemical free ink that is certified by PETA as vegan. We also use a printing partner that runs their production entirely with solar power, and they are working towards carbon neutrality as well. 


Our mailing bags are fully compostable and complaint with local council rules on food waste, so they can be added to your food bin if you have one. Our biofilm packets that our garments arrive in are also biodegradable, don't be fooled by the fact that they look like plastic! Our brown paper size stickers and packaging are made using recycled materials and are also recyclable. The ink we use in the logo stamps on our packaging is vegan and water-based, and the rubber is recycled. Our garment labels are 100% organic cotton, and our swing tags are recycled card and string.


We’re proud of the work that’s gone into sourcing a responsible supply chain, however we’re always looking to improve, and we’re currently looking into initiative to partner with to offset our carbon footprint. 

We love to hear your thoughts, so please drop us an email if you have questions or suggestions! In the meantime keep on and #SustainTheGood :)